The sea has been instrumental for the development of modern watches as we know them.

As most of the watch lovers know, watches are fundamental to calculate reliably the exact position of a ship at sea — but to do that, they have to be extremely precise (the so-called “chronometers”). Yes: telling the exact time could have been an issue of life and death back then.

Corum History

A relative newcomer into the luxury watchmaking club, Corum was founded in 1955. The birthplace being the cradle of Swiss horology — La Chaux-de-Fonds — and the parents were Gaston Ries and his nephew, René Bannwart. The first watches came out of the company just one year later.

Corum Coin Watch

Corum & The Sea

Perhaps, the fascination of the founders for the liquid element — and specifically, for sailboats and races.

CORUM ADMIRAL WATCH 082.500.04/0F62 AW91

Corum Admiral’s Cup Watch

The Corum Admirals Cup of today is described by the company as a “sport-chic” timepiece. Which is a subtly different definition from the luxury sports watches we all know.


Admiral’s Cup Technical Details

To go a little bit more into the technical details of the collection, the size of Admirals Cup watches goes from the smallest Ladies’, at 26 mm, to the largest men’s, at 48 mm.

Who’s it For?

The ideal owner and wearer of the Admirals Cup line is the self-styled Captain, following the immense pull of the winds at dusk while the white sails of his wooden yacht are tense on the mast. That is, exactly the kind of person Ernest Hemingway would have envisioned in his literary exploits — and who would probably keep his watch more out of the water than into it.

The Corum Bubble Watch

From the surface of the ocean to its depths, the watchmaker confirms its dedication to water and its shapes: the Bubble, introduced around 1980, was originally inspired by a prototype for a dive watch that could go to extreme depths and emerge unscathed by the pressure.

CORUM BIG BUBBLE 52 STOP WATCH L403/03249–403.101.04/0601 ST01
CORUM BIG BUBBLE WATCH 390.101.86/0371 RO01
CORUM BUBBLE 47 8 BALL WATCH L082/02995–082.310.20/0371 BA08

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