Lovers around the world covet the Cartier love bracelet. It is no wonder why so many fall prey to fake dealers. Read on for tips to spot fake Cartier bracelets.

Jewelry is an anomaly in the segment of luxury goods around the world. Coveted pieces like the Cartier love bracelet are high in demand globally. Hence, it is no surprise that branded goods sell in fewer numbers than non-branded ones.

The artificial industry has ruled the world for a while…

Thinking about buying a Rolex Day-Date? Before you pull the trigger on that purchase, read this in-depth article where we get into all of the different versions of the Rolex Day-Date and what the current market pricing is.

The Day-Date is a legendary Oyster Perpetual model manufactured by Rolex as it is readily understandable by its name. It differs from the Datejust because it is equipped with the date and day of week indication through two separate windows.

But this peculiar model has developed its own cult following…

The world's largest provider of ultra-premium brand name watches and jewelry

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